Ameno Color / brown and white scarf pantone 1545C

120,00 DKK 80,00 DKK ex. moms


Brown and white scarf. Beautiful large patterned scarf in size 100×180 cm.

Brown and white scarf in nice reversible pattern.

  • Dessin 1545C-TXL
  • Soft and delicious quality in modal.
  • The size is: 100 × 180 cm. A nice size scarf for uniforms and corporate clothes.
  • This scarf contains these colors: PANTONE 1545C brown and white.

Scarves in the AMENO collection are made in a fine and soft quality. AMENO scarves are made for corporate clothing, uniforms and promotional gifts. There is a supplementary guarantee for a minimum of 2 years on all current AMENO ties and scarves. All color indications in the AMENO collection refer to the Pantone color scale. All the scarves in the AMENO collection are with flat sewn edges, a nice and useful scarf.

If you want scarves with logo, we can deliver exactly the scarf you want with logo or in your own design and color. You can also choose a logo label on the back of the scarf. Contact us to learn more about your options for logo scarves