Ameno silk ties and silk scarves with logo or in logo colors.

The AMENO collection is your source of inspiration to your tie and scarf with your own logo.
All ties can be made with woven logo and all scarves can have logo print made in the production. In this way you will get the best soloution. If you find a logo tie or logo scarf “too much advertising” we will suggest that you choose a design from the collection, and we can produce this in your logo colors. Now you may think, that this is only for big companies, with houndreds of employes but never the less, we can make your ties and scarves from only 100 pieces each model. If this is still too many, we can make only 50 pieces each model, agains a small extra fee.
Do you want to see how your logo looks in a tie and a scarf? Please fill in the contact form, and attach your logo, and you will receive the artwork and offer, in a short time.ameno med logoAmeno boatbones tie and ladies tieNovara special color with logo