AMENO Color / light grey silk scarf pantone 420C

180,00 DKK 100,00 DKK ex. moms


Fine and stylish silver light grey solid colored silk scarf.

This scarf will expire – please ask for quantity in stock.

The AMENO scarves are all made with neat handrolled edges.
The colour number refers to PANTONE 420C.

  • Dessin AC420C-Twill
  • Classical size 20×160 cm.
  • This scarf in silk twill contains these colors: Silver Light Gray
  • We also have ties, bowties and pocket sqauares in the same colour in stock.

A silk scarf from the AMENO collection are made of a nice soft silk quality. AMENO is also ties in the same design, produced for corporate clothing, uniforms and promotional items. There is availability guarantee for at least 2 years on all current AMENO products.
Corporate scarves with your logo are perfect for corporate clothing.

We can amend every AMENO scarf and tie with your own logo. Your logo will be woven in the fabric of the ties, and printed in the design of the scarves. You can also select a logo label on the back of the tie or in the corner of the scarf. If you need scarves, pocket squares, bow ties and ties in your own color, we can make any pantone color you want. Minimum is only 50 pieces per model.

Contact us for more information about your options for a logo tie or a logo scarf. AMENO are bow ties, ties and scarves in the same design, and here you can find other products which are matching the pocket squares.