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Adverties is leading manufactor of ties and scarves for corporate wear, uniforms and promotional gifts, in Denmark. All designs are made in Denmark, and we always have the Scandinavian spirit in mind.
At Adverties we are aware of how important your logo is for your company image. This is the reason that we only manufactor the best quality, to asure that your logo and image will not be put on line with poor quality.
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    Head office in DENMARK:
    Owner Ole Larsen
    +45 8663 8777
    +45 4018 2529
    Agent in FINLAND:

    Timo Pustinen +358 (0)10 219 0600
    Agent in BENELUX:

    De Bonnet Beroepskleding
    Stan de Bont +31 7659 91999

    Ole Larsen
    +45 8663 8777
    +45 4018 2529
    Agent in NORWAY:
    Jon Røed +47 9911 7080

    We are always interested in new markets.
    Are you interested in working as an agent in your country?
    Please contact Ole Larsen, or please fill in the contact form.