Ameno Color / navy scarf pantone 2767C

100,00 kr. ex. moms

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Solid color navy blue scarf.

Nice navy blue scarf size 40 x 160 cm. in 50% modal and 50% cotton.

  • Design AC2767C-40×160
  • Soft and nice quality in 50% modal and 50% cotton.
  • The size is: 40 × 160 cm. A suitable size scarf for uniforms and corporate clothes.
  • The scarf contains this color: PANTONE 2767C Blue
  • This scarf can be matched into many of the patterned ties we also have in stock.
  • The color number refers to the Pantone color system.
  • It allows you to always see if a scarf fits a tie from our stock collection.
  • We also have ties, bowties and pocket squares in the same color in stock.

Scarves in the AMENO collection are made in a fine and soft quality. AMENO scarves are made for corporate clothing, uniforms and promotional gifts. There is a supplementary guarantee for a minimum of 2 years on all current AMENO ties and scarves. All color indications in the AMENO collection refer to the Pantone color range. All the scarves in the AMENO collection are with flat sewn edges, a nice and useful scarf.

If you want scarves with logo, we can deliver exactly the scarf you want – with logo or in your own design and color. You can also choose a logo label on the scarf; we can also pack your scarf in a gift box with or without your label. We can advise the best solution for you or your company.

Minimum is only 50 pcs. Let our designer make free design sketches.

Contact us to learn more about your options for logo scarves.

For more than 25 years, we have produced neckties and scarves for many companies in Denmark, and we do everything we can to make it the right solution. We are specialists in producing just what your company wants.


Blue scarf, many blue shades, sizes and qualities in stock.

Scarf. Nice blue scarf in solid color.  Suitable size 40×160 cm. Ameno scarves for corporate clothes, uniforms and promotional gifts. Scarves, pocket squares, butterfly and ties in stock in the same color.

blue scarf