AMENO Color / red bow tie in pantone 200C

100,00 kr. ex. moms

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Plain Red solid colored bow tie.

Ameno Color Red bow tie in 100% microfiber pantone Red.

The bow tie is Teflon treated which repels stains on the bow tie. This means that you don’t have to send your Ameno Color bow tie for cleaning.

  • Dessin 200C-B
  • Size: Hight 6 cm. Length 12 cm.
  • This bow tie contains these colors: Pantone 200C Red
  • All Ameno ties, scarves, bow ties and hankies in solid colors refer to the Pantone color system.
  • The bow tie is Teflon coated for durability.
  • You can spill liquid without causing any stains on your bow tie.
  • You can also see neckties, pocket squares and scarves in different sizes and quality in the same color here on the site.

Bow ties in the AMENO collection are made of a durable micro fiber quality. AMENO ties, scarves, bow ties and hankies in the same colors, are produced for corporate clothing, uniforms and promotional items. There is availability guarantee for at least 2 years on all current AMENO ties, pocket squares, bow ties and scarves.
Corporate ties with your logo or in your logo color are perfect for corporate clothing. We can amend every AMENO tie and scarf with your own logo in a minimum of only 50 pcs. Your logo will be woven in the fabric of the ties and printed in the design of the scarves. You can also select a logo label on the back of the tie.

We have more than 25 years of experience in producing ties and scarves for companies so please don´t hesitate to contact us for more information about your options for a logo tie or a logo scarf.